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Doctors' responsibility in patient advocacy within rigid guidelines and system demands.
  • Doctors have a responsibility to patients while working within strict guidelines for safety. 0:31

  • Advocating for patients may require doctors to speak out on relevant issues despite resistance. 1:51

  • Understanding autoimmunity and disease management influences the responsibility of doctors in patient care. 2:00

Challenges in Evidence-Based Medicine and Pharmaceutical Influence on Healthcare.
  • Transition from pharmaceutical industry to holistic medicine. 2:37

  • Clinicians’ reliance on evidence-based medicine and commercial influence on evidence. 3:30

  • Acknowledgment of commercial interests in medication research and funding. 4:03

  • Concerns regarding Co treatments and the Covid vaccine development process. 4:26

Challenges in advocating for patients while balancing limitations in medical practice.
  • Industry promotes products without thorough research at a population level. 4:57

  • Debate on responsibility: Regulators, Physicians, or both. 5:07

  • Balancing patient advocacy with practical limitations in medicine. 5:46

  • Advocating for patients while recognizing the constraints of medical practice. 6:02