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Revealing concerns about embalmer type clots occurring in living individuals and the challenges of addressing this issue.
  • A whistleblower raised the issue of embalmer type clots occurring in living individuals, sparking concerns about the lack of investigation. 0:32

  • Initial belief was that these clots were postmortem events, but recent information suggests they are also occurring in living individuals. 1:44

  • The reluctance of clinicians to speak out about this issue raises questions about potential global implications and the impact of censorship. 2:36

  • The importance of raising awareness and addressing the issue, similar to previous instances of uncovering hidden truths in the medical field. 3:18

  • Challenges around discussing sensitive scientific topics and the need to confront uncomfortable truths for the betterment of public health. 3:41

Alarming findings suggest potential issues with multiple vaccinations leading to unusual blood clots in patients.
  • Concerns raised about the impact of multiple vaccinations on the occurrence of white fibrous clots in patients. 4:04

  • Observation of a higher incidence of white fibrous clots in patients who have received more vaccines. 6:04

  • Significant percentage of cases in the speaker’s lab involve vaccinated individuals, particularly with white fibrous clots. 6:51

  • Doctors rushing to treat all types of blood clots with blood thinning drugs, potentially overlooking the specific treatment needed for white fibrous clots. 7:28

  • Increasing focus on treating white fibrous clots due to challenges in dissolving them with standard treatments. 7:46

Alarming findings of white fibrous clots in vaccinated patients, raising concerns about potential health implications and the need for further research.
  • Majority of patients with white fibrous clots are vaccinate. 8:16

  • Urgent need for detailed pathology and analysis to understand composition and risk. 9:33

  • Concerns about the disintegration of science and medicine due to lack of transparenc. 10:22

  • Encouragement to raise awareness and prompt clinicians to address the issu. 10:46