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WHO declares end of pandemic based on reduced death rates, but data verification concerns arise.
  • WHO declares pandemic over due to drop in COVID-19 death rate. 1:57

  • Johns Hopkins stops tracking COVID-19 data, raising concerns about data verificatio. 3:04

Global pandemic status questioned due to declining data relevance and vaccination rates.
  • Decrease in COVID-19 cases and deaths post-Omicron peak, yet ongoing peaks observed. 4:35

  • Lack of interest in investigating virus circulation in highly vaccinated areas. 5:10

  • Significant drop in vaccination rates coinciding with decreased data relevance. 6:33

Implications of overlooking long-term effects and need for continued research on post-pandemic mortality.
  • Amicron differs in entry mechanism from previous variants, focusing on central lung regions. 7:25

  • Reactivation of immune system post-infection may lead to long-term detrimental effects. 8:05

  • Excess mortality linked to recent COVID infections requires autopsy research for understanding. 8:52

  • Lack of post-pandemic research poses a risk of unforeseen consequences in the future. 9:40