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Assessing the Risk of Autoimmunity from Vaccination
  • Autoimmunity risk from vaccination is a concern due to the spike protein’s role in triggering the immune system. 0:00

  • Companies mandating vaccines should assess and control potential risks at a population level. 1:30

  • The spike protein of the SARS-CoV-2 virus plays a critical role in infection and potential autoimmune responses. 2:49

  • There is a 46% relative risk increase of autoimmunity with COVID-19 infection, indicating its association with the spike protein. 4:08

Assessing potential autoimmune risks from spike protein exposure in vaccination and infection.
  • Proteins binding to spike protein may trigger autoimmune response. 4:45

  • Failure to acknowledge potential risks is a health and safety concern. 7:07

  • Impaired mucosal immunity could increase autoimmune risk. 8:41

Assessing the potential autoimmune risk profile from ongoing exposure to spike protein in vaccinated individuals.
  • Identification of high-risk cohorts with health comorbidities and recurrent infections. 9:15

  • Importance of considering potential risks and addressing autoimmune response triggered by spike protein. 12:27

  • Need for reflection on challenges ahead and asking important questions in public health. 13:05