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Concerns raised about the proposed WHO Pandemic treaty and its potential implications.
  • WHO heavily influenced by countries like China and pharmaceutical industry. 2:59

  • Global players with geopolitical and financial interests involved in managing the treaty. 3:08

Implications of WHO Pandemic Treaty on National Sovereignty and Accountability
  • Interests of WHO contributors may influence decisions over national interest. 03:18

  • Concerns over lack of democratic election and accountability of WHO decision-maker. 05:50

  • Proposed WHO pandemic treaty may further remove power from citizens, impacting national sovereignt. 06:06

Global treaty implications, varying pandemic responses, and call for informed decision-making.
  • Definition and procedure for declaring a pandemi. 6:54

  • Consideration of cultural and population factors in pandemic respons. 7:52

  • Concerns about power allocation to WHO and lack of democratic contro. 8:16

  • Importance of open discussion, reflection on science, and informed decision-makin. 9:02