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Uncovering the Taboo of Excess Mortality Discussions
  • Dr. Philip McMillan discusses the taboo topic of excess deaths related to COVID-19. 0:04

  • Andrew Bridgend in the UK has persistently raised awareness on excess deaths. 1:02

  • A debate on excess deaths was scheduled around the 12th of April, potentially signaling a shift in approach. 1:23

  • Frontiers in Immunity presentation is upcoming as part of advanced COVID-19 research. 1:47

  • Dr. McMillan focuses on general immunity and the immune system in relation to COVID-19, particularly the cytokine storm. 2:03

  • Audience encouraged to join the presentation for comprehensive insights on immunity. 2:19

  • Politicians may have changed their stance on excess deaths, prompting caution and vigilance. 2:37

Changes in UK excess mortality estimation methodology and its implications.
  • Significant changes in UK excess mortality estimation methodology in February 2024. 2:57

  • New method uses a more complex average to calculate excess deaths. 3:33

  • Comparison between old and new methods shows a difference in excess death trends. 4:24

  • Question arises about the timing of the methodology change and its impact on excess death reporting. 5:19

Excess deaths are being downplayed using new calculation methods, raising concerns about transparency and accountability.
  • New calculation methods show a decrease in excess deaths, potentially masking the true impact of mortality trends. 5:37

  • Concerns raised about the accuracy and transparency of reporting on mortality data, particularly in relation to COVID-19 waves. 5:54

  • The shift in reporting methods may lead to a narrative that downplays the significance of excess deaths. 6:12

  • Questions raised about the lack of concern regarding excess deaths and the potential impact of decision-making on public health. 7:27

  • The issue of excess deaths is linked to decisions made around lockdown measures and their potential consequences on public health. 7:54

  • The reluctance to address excess deaths may stem from a desire to avoid accountability for past decisions and their impact. 8:15

Uncovering significant rise in economically inactive sick individuals raises concerns about unaddressed health issues.
  • Significant increase in economically inactive sick individuals, reaching 2.8 million in the UK. 8:23

  • Unprecedented rise in long-term sickness-related deaths despite claims of no excess deaths. 9:36

  • Urgent need to address the underlying health issues causing the surge in sickness and mortality. 10:20

  • Questioning the reluctance of authorities to acknowledge and investigate the concerning trend. 10:40

  • Emphasizing the importance of prioritizing public health over saving face or avoiding uncomfortable truths. 11:16

Importance of addressing excess deaths in the population during challenging times
  • Excess deaths impact friends, family, and co-workers, not random individual. 11:26

  • Ignoring excess deaths can lead to high mortality rates and trap discussion. 11:43

  • New methodologies will need to be changed due to rising death number. 11:59

  • Excess deaths affect working-age individuals more than the elderl. 12:16

  • Acknowledgement and mitigation of excess deaths are crucial for resolving the issu. 12:39

  • Leaders focused on population health should make decisions on addressing excess death. 13:03