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Africa leads in COVID-19 outcomes but faces doubt and lack of recognition for its success.
  • Africa’s achievements in COVID-19 response are not being appropriately acknowledged. 0:01

  • Africa has the best COVID-19 outcomes globally, with low spread of Omicron. 0:20

  • Mozambique achieved high vaccination rates, but Africa as a whole is the leader. 1:08

  • Africa’s success in managing COVID-19 contrasts with initial neglect by first world countries. 1:41

  • Vaccines were not shared with Africa initially, leading to low vaccination rates. 2:06

Africa's vaccination of youth with natural immunity raises questions about COVID-19 success and vaccine effectiveness.
  • Africa’s natural immunity from previous COVID-19 surges questioned the need for vaccinating youth. 4:44

  • Africa’s low mortality and natural immunity prompt skepticism towards vaccination campaigns. 5:35

  • The logic behind vaccinating African youth, who have low risk and natural immunity, is questioned. 5:43

  • Scientific community should investigate Africa’s success in managing COVID-19 without extensive vaccination. 6:28

  • Highly vaccinated regions show higher Omicron circulation, possibly due to vaccine-induced antibodies. 8:09

Africa's remarkable success in managing COVID-19 is overlooked, leading to doubts and missed opportunities for global learnings.
  • Africa’s success in managing COVID-19 despite high HIV rates raises questions on global strategies. 8:53

  • Mozambique’s low mortality rate with high HIV levels and minimal vaccinations challenges conventional approaches. 9:27

  • Africans should trust their successful strategies and lessons learned in combating COVID-19. 11:01

  • Scientific community needs to prioritize effective strategies over preconceived notions to reduce mortality globally. 11:34

  • Call for Africans to showcase their successful approaches in managing COVID-19 to benefit the world. 12:00