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Investigating the impact of embalmers' clots on scientific regulators and data analysis during the pandemic.
  • Raised important questions about the response of scientific regulators to embalmers’ clots. 00:00

  • Retired Air Force Major with extensive experience in engineering and data analysis. 02:04

  • Approached pandemic data with a unique perspective and relevant questions. 02:13

  • Worked on advanced aircraft technology including the F-117 Stealth fighter. 03:59

  • Transitioned from Actuarial work to military for adventure and love for country. 04:08

  • Married to a woman from Kenya, showcasing a diverse and exciting life. 04:44

  • Utilized flat surfaces and special materials for radar evasion in aircraft design. 05:06

  • Proud to have contributed to the advancement of stealth technology. 06:07

Analysis of COVID-19 data reveals skepticism towards vaccine effectiveness and government mandates.
  • Initial skepticism towards Imperial College model due to overestimation of virus lethality. 6:33

  • Data analysis from UK showed problems with medical interventions in 2021. 7:19

  • Discovery of embalmers clots in November 2021 raised further doubts. 8:05

  • Early prevalence studies in California indicated underestimation of COVID-19 cases. 8:17

  • Vaccine effectiveness questioned as breakthrough cases showed higher fatality rates. 11:05

  • Contradictions in messaging about pandemic being mainly among the unvaccinated. 11:46

  • Decision not to take vaccine based on data analysis and skepticism towards official narratives. 12:05

Investigation into embalmers' discovery of white fibrous clots prompts nationwide survey due to lack of mainstream attention.
  • Discovery of white fibrous clots by embalmers triggers interest in investigatio. 12:26

  • Embalmer’s statement at Ohio conference leads to collaboration and survey initiativ. 13:31

  • Curiosity, personal connections, and free time drive retired individual to pursue surve. 16:22

  • Suspicion of regulatory bodies and mainstream media reluctance to explore potential vaccine lin. 17:06

Investigation into potential link between vaccines and white fibrous clots found by embalmers.
  • Survey conducted anonymously with embalmers worldwide to gather data on white fibrous clot. 17:11

  • Survey aimed to understand the unexpected presence of white fibrous clots during the embalming proces. 17:18

  • Embalming room privacy and potential link to COVID-19 vaccines led to some hesitation in participating in the surve. 18:04

  • Survey results did not show regional patterns in the occurrence of white fibrous clot. 19:06

  • Embalming process involves infusing chemical fluid to preserve bodies for funeral. 19:30

  • Main injection sites where embalmers found white fibrous clots were in the neck and pelvis are. 20:36

  • Distinguished between traditional clots like grape jelly and chicken fat clots versus new white fibrous clot. 21:03

  • White fibrous clots are larger, tougher, and more rubbery compared to traditional clot. 21:21

Investigation on embalmers' observations of white fibrous clots in corpses from 2018 to 2022.
  • Survey conducted in USA between December 2022 and January 2023 using top-down and bottom-up approaches. 22:11

  • Email sent to embalmers asking for observations of white fibrous clots, ensuring anonymity. 22:59

  • Survey questions focused on observations of clots without mentioning COVID or vaccines to avoid bias. 24:30

  • 66% of 179 respondents reported observing white fibrous clots in corpses they embalmed. 25:07

  • Possible reasons for some embalmers not observing clots include variations in embalming thoroughness. 25:26

  • Clear increase in observations of clots from 2018 to 2022, with significant rise in 2021 and 2022. 26:29

  • Survey data collected over five years to analyze trends before and during COVID pandemic. 26:42

  • Survey results show correlation between COVID years and increased observations of white fibrous clots. 27:06

Unprecedented increase in white fibrous clots found in corpses, potentially linked to spike proteins from COVID-19 vaccines.
  • Large increase in white fibrous clots observed in 2021 and 2022, possibly due to supercharging effect from COVID-19 vaccines. 27:39

  • Spike protein from COVID-19 vaccines may be produced in the body for months, leading to potential clot formation. 28:27

  • Majority of white fibrous structures found in the neck region, a common injection site for embalming. 29:45

  • Significant percentage of corpses in 2022 showing large whitish fibrous structures and clots, with some embalmers reporting up to 61-80% occurrence. 31:52

  • Experienced embalmers with decades of practice encountering these clots for the first time and still observing them in 2023. 32:25

Investigation into unusual blood clots observed by embalmers raises concerns about potential pre-death occurrences and implications for sudden deaths.
  • Unusual blood clots observed by embalmers are a cause for concern due to their potential pre-death occurrence. 32:32

  • Discussion on whether the clots occur pre-death, post-death, or both requires further investigation. 32:39

  • The presence of significant clots prior to death could potentially lead to sudden deaths from heart attacks and strokes. 32:59

  • Observations of ‘grape jelly’ blood clots and increased blood viscosity in 2020 raise questions about their association with COVID-19 and vaccines. 35:09

  • Embalmers have reported seeing an increase in ‘grape jelly’ blood clots, resembling coffee grounds, starting in 2020 and continuing into 2021. 36:00

  • The phenomenon of microclotting may be linked to the observed increase in ‘grape jelly’ blood clots among embalmers. 36:15

  • The timeframe for the emergence of ‘grape jelly’ blood clots aligns with the onset of COVID-19, suggesting a potential connection. 37:01

  • Embalmers’ observations of unusual blood clots warrant further investigation and consideration by scientific regulators. 37:30

Lack of investigation by scientific regulators on embalmers' findings of unusual clots in corpses post vaccination.
  • Embalmers are observing white fibers clots in veins and arteries post vaccination. 37:48

  • Clots are appearing since 2021 and continuing into 2023, with a significant number of embalmers reporting them. 38:11

  • Calls for immediate investigation by FDA and CDC to check the link between COVID-19 vaccines and these clots. 39:26

  • Presenter shared data with FDA in January, but no action has been taken by the regulators. 40:02

  • Medical community lacks awareness due to limited autopsies, while embalmers are witnessing concerning patterns. 41:54

  • Comparison drawn with public reporting balloons to military – regulators should not ignore embalmers’ observations. 42:45

Lack of investigation by scientific regulators on white clots in vaccinated individuals raises concerns about vaccine safety and transparency.
  • Concerns raised about the thoroughness of testing and approval processes for vaccines, leading to a loss of trust in regulatory agencies and pharmaceutical companies. 42:52

  • High levels of antibodies in vaccinated individuals may lead to the formation of fibrous clots, requiring further examination. 43:15

  • Limited scrutiny on mRNA technology and lipid nanoparticle delivery system due to their novelty, despite potential risks. 47:37

  • Lack of transparency and individual risk assessment in vaccine mandates, with a call for personalized decision-making based on health profiles. 48:01

Lack of scientific investigation into embalmers' clots raises concerns about vaccine-related implications.
  • Presentation done systematically adds credibility to findings. 48:28

  • Responsibility to investigate abnormalities and reassure the public. 48:56

  • Need for rigorous scientific research to determine evidence. 49:25

  • Potential implications of fibrous clots on disease risks. 49:43

  • Importance of thorough investigation and awareness in the field. 50:22

  • Embalmer beliefs and comments on white fibrous clots. 50:22

  • Varied responses from embalmers regarding vaccine-related implications. 51:31

  • Compelling responses from embalmers without direct mention of COVID or vaccines. 53:39

Investigation urged into embalmers' observations of unusual phenomena by non-medical individual.
  • Call for scientific regulators to investigate the observed phenomenon. 53:54

  • Importance of curiosity and determination in raising questions. 54:16

  • Encouragement for public to question and contribute valuable data. 54:25

  • Recognition of the value of diverse perspectives in scientific inquiry. 54:36

  • Acknowledgment of the need for independent verification of findings. 54:44

  • Appreciation for individual bringing attention to the issue. 54:53

  • Responsibility to ensure unusual patterns are not overlooked. 55:08

  • Hope to see more work from the individual in the future. 55:16