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Experts call for suspension of Covid vaccine due to safety concerns in UK.
  • Perseus report questions speed of Covid vaccine licensing in UK. 1:56

  • Author, a retired civil servant, raised safety concerns based on experience. 2:38

  • Author’s background in Munitions safety management led to questioning vaccine safety. 5:03

  • Author found lack of safety audit reports from regulatory agency concerning. 6:31

Concerns raised by experts regarding Covid vaccine safety and management practices.
  • Experts raised concerns about the quality audit of vaccine safety management. 7:00

  • The Perseus group was formed to address concerns about vaccine licensing and rollout. 7:53

  • The speaker initially wrote under a pseudonym due to fear of backlash from pro-vaccine lobbyists. 9:04

  • Discussion on the challenges faced by individuals in speaking out against concerns in their current employment. 9:35

  • The Perseus report was authored by a team of experts but their names were not disclosed to focus on factual evidence. 12:23

Experts recommend suspending Covid vaccine due to safety concerns and lack of regulatory oversight.
  • Experts fear personal attacks if names are attached to report, making it harder to challenge content. 13:06

  • Questions raised about expertise of those leading pandemic response after three years of ongoing crisis. 13:59

  • Report calls for thorough inquiry into regulatory practices of MHRA and Safety Management of all medicines. 16:11

  • Loss of faith in safety of all medicines due to perceived shortcomings in regulatory agencies. 16:37

  • Switzerland stops recommending Covid vaccines, opting for individual doctor prescriptions at patient’s cost. 18:27

Lack of standardized investigation process for adverse events reported from Covid-19 vaccines.
  • Different countries have varying approaches to Covid-19 vaccine safety based on risk perceptions. 19:06

  • Scandinavian regulators were quicker to suspend AstraZeneca vaccine compared to UK MHRA. 19:51

  • Alarming number of adverse events reported for Covid-19 vaccines compared to other common vaccines. 22:56

  • MHRA lacks a formal process for investigating adverse events reported through yellow card system. 23:12

  • MHRA’s reluctance to investigate yellow card reports linked to fatalities raises concerns. 24:23

  • Lack of transparency and thorough investigation process by MHRA regarding adverse events from Covid-19 vaccines. 25:07

  • MHRA claimed it would be costly to investigate yellow cards linked to fatalities from Covid-19 vaccines. 25:15

Concerns raised over Covid vaccine authorization for pregnant population with limited data.
  • Excess deaths patterns overlooked amidst vaccine rollout acceptance. 25:32

  • Majority of MHRA funding from pharmaceutical industry. 25:56

  • Funding sources for regulation in defense sector differ from pharmaceutical industry. 26:14

  • Freedom of Information Act allows questioning of official bodies for information. 28:03

  • MHRA approval of Covid vaccine ingredients with limited track record questioned. 30:34

  • Authorization of Covid vaccine for pregnant population lacking data unprecedented. 31:02

Concerns raised regarding long-term safety data of Covid vaccines and structural issues within the MHRA.
  • Long-term safety data for Covid vaccines is lacking after nine months, raising doubts on accuracy. 31:17

  • MHRA lacks proper safety management structure and accountability, with split responsibilities for licensing and monitoring. 33:16

  • Absence of individual accountability within MHRA decision-making process raises concerns about safety and effectiveness of medicines. 34:09

  • Circumstantial evidence suggests that accountability gaps could lead to delayed recognition of issues with medications. 36:23

  • Historical inquiries show significant time lapse between licensing of products and identification of severe limitations or disasters. 37:05

Experts question the decision to roll out Covid vaccines to younger age groups based on limited data.
  • Experts criticize the decision to vaccinate lower age groups despite limited data on Covid risk. 37:40

  • Analogy drawn to military operations where emergency use of munitions requires strict limitations and responsibility. 38:18

  • Concerns raised about the lack of rigorous testing before widespread vaccine rollout. 39:05

  • Targeted vaccination based on age, comorbidities, and risk was recommended over mass vaccination. 41:08

  • Military analogy of soldiers on the ground making urgent decisions in the line of fire. 43:03

Challenges in assessing vaccine-related deaths and concerns about public awareness and safety measures.
  • Limited safety evidence for emergency use authorization in military operations. 43:25

  • Importance of additional surveillance methods for accurate vaccine-related death data. 47:19

  • Culture of not linking Covid vaccine to deaths complicating certification process. 47:41

  • Need for Big Data analysis to address circular logic in vaccine-related death assessment. 48:03

Experts recommend pausing Covid vaccine rollout due to lack of transparency and harm to individuals.
  • Experts raise concerns about lack of transparency and follow-through by regulatory bodies. 49:19

  • Slow response to requests and exemptions applied by regulatory bodies. 50:02

  • Personal frustration over delayed responses to inquiries. 50:39

  • Call for recognition of harm done to vaccine-injured and bereaved family members. 51:23

  • Collaboration with UK parliamentarians and groups to address harm caused by vaccine rollout. 52:05

  • Petitions and open letters initiated to demand government action and inquiry into vaccine licensing. 53:01

  • Encouragement for individuals globally to ask questions and take action at a local level. 54:14

Call to action for public to challenge health authorities with Perseus Report findings
  • National regulators need significant changes to address pharmaceutical industry influenc. 54:41

  • Proposed solutions include reorganization, individual product responsibility, safety audits, and cultural chang. 56:14

  • General public urged to read the report and pressure leadership for actio. 57:30

  • Report sent to UK Parliament members, prompting calls for constituents to engage with their MP. 57:52

  • Translation of the report to other languages is challenging due to technical languag. 59:20

  • Encouragement for widespread dissemination of the report to drive accountability and actio. 59:46

Discussion on the response to a report and upcoming presentations on medical explanations for clotting
  • Hope for a response from MP on the repor. 1:00:04

  • Upcoming Eventbrite presentations on medical explanations for clottin. 1:00:36

  • Encouragement to watch out for more programs in the futur. 1:01:11