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COVID scientists warn of potential global heart failure pandemic due to new variant.
  • Importance of addressing COVID variant concern. 0:22

  • Upcoming webinar on vaccine-induced heart abnormalitie. 1:32

  • Discussion on abnormal physiology in vaccinated hear. 2:40

  • Concerns about new COVID strain causing heart issue. 3:05

  • Emphasis on understanding reality without politic. 3:42

Investigation into cardiac abnormalities in asymptomatic vaccinated individuals during a radiological study.
  • Japanese study on myocardial FDG uptake in asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 vaccinated patient. 6:05

  • Reflection on outcomes of cardiac MRI scans in vaccinated patient. 6:51

  • Interest in detecting cardiac abnormalities in asymptomatic vaccinated individual. 7:00

  • Importance of asking scientific questions early on regarding myocarditi. 7:15

  • Focus on subclinical myocarditis and its impact on vaccinated individual. 7:41

  • Discussion on the need for further research and analysis in this are. 7:58

Significance of increased glucose uptake in asymptomatic vaccinated patients' hearts.
  • Study assessed flu deoxy glucose uptake on PET scans in vaccinated asymptomatic patients. 8:05

  • PET scans are used to detect cancer by measuring glucose uptake in cells. 8:16

  • Retrospective study compared outcomes of 300 nonvaccinated and 700 vaccinated patients. 9:31

  • Vaccinated patients showed increased myocardial glucose uptake up to 180 days post-vaccination. 11:00

  • Implications on cardiac physiology and long-term effects of vaccination discussed. 11:46

  • Importance of understanding abnormal physiology in vaccinated hearts emphasized. 12:03

Implications of altered energy source in heart post-vaccination
  • Heart primarily uses fat for energy, not carbohydrate. 12:19

  • Comparison of energy production efficiency: fat vs. carbohydrate vs. protei. 13:03

  • Increased glucose uptake in vaccinated hearts affects energy utilizatio. 15:07

  • Potential impact on heart performance, especially in high-performance athlete. 16:06

Exploring the potential impact of vaccination on heart health and the importance of addressing concerns.
  • Vaccinated individuals pushing their bodies to the limit may struggle to reach pre-vaccination levels. 16:14

  • Uncertainty exists regarding long-term effects of abnormal physiology post-vaccination. 16:32

  • Acknowledging and investigating concerns about potential heart issues post-vaccination is crucial. 16:42

  • Infections can damage the heart, potentially compounded by vaccination-induced effects. 16:59

  • Urgent need for open discussions and examination of long-term implications of vaccination. 17:36

  • Encouragement to attend upcoming webinar for further insights and discussions. 18:01

  • Emphasis on finding solutions to mitigate potential challenges in the future. 18:19