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Uncovering the surge in undisclosed mortality rates and its implications.
  • Analyzing age-specific mortality rates and causes of death from Statistics Canada dat. 0:36

  • Linking to a relevant paper on ill-defined and unknown causes of deat. 1:23

  • Announcing an upcoming webinar on abnormal physiology in the vaccinated hear. 1:41

  • Emphasizing availability of donation tickets for the webina. 2:16

  • Addressing skepticism about the reported increase in mortalit. 2:45

Increase in mortality rates and the importance of data analysis in understanding the reasons behind it.
  • Data analysis crucial for understanding mortality rate. 3:01

  • Appreciation for countries providing valuable data for analysi. 3:09

  • Importance of understanding the mechanism of patient death. 3:35

  • Challenges in obtaining statistics from certain countrie. 4:24

  • Significant increase in deaths during the pandemic in Canad. 5:26

Increase in unidentified deaths and breakdown of mortality rates from 2018 to 2022.
  • Roll out of vaccine campaign and rise in death rates. 6:07

  • Possible severity of Omicron infection despite vaccination. 6:30

  • Consistent increase in age-specific mortality rate from 2018 to 2022. 6:54

  • Importance of understanding breakdown of deaths and unspecified causes. 7:12

  • Comparison of specific causes of death in 2018 and 2022. 8:05

  • Notable changes in certain causes of death from 2018 to 2022. 8:30

  • Stability in certain causes of death as per population percentage. 9:01

Unexplained surge in unclassified deaths is concerning and needs attention.
  • Significant rise in unclassified death. 10:00

  • ICD code showing unexplained increase in unknown causes of deat. 10:32

  • Concern about the lack of understanding of the cause of deat. 11:06

  • Listing of various symptoms and signs without specific diagnosi. 11:22

  • Highlighting the abnormal increase in unclassified death. 11:58

  • Questioning the reasons behind the 400% rise in unknown death. 12:04

  • Emphasizing the importance of addressing this issue from a clinical perspectiv. 12:19

Unexplained surge in mortality rates, potential heart-related abnormality in vaccinated individuals, and call for increased focus on unknown deaths.
  • Surge in mortality rates due to unspecified cause. 12:47

  • Lack of focus on the trend of unknown death. 12:57

  • Importance of identifying clinical significanc. 13:06

  • Significant abnormality in vaccinated heart. 13:25

  • Encouragement to join on substack for full presentatio. 13:57