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Comparison between historical thalidomide use and current challenges in the pandemic.
  • Thalidomide was prescribed to pregnant women over 60 years ago as a safe treatment. 0:48

  • Issues with thalidomide included inadequate medical testing and unethical marketing. 2:22

  • Thalidomide caused significant harm with 147,000 affected pregnancies worldwide. 3:55

  • Current discussion not focused on pregnancy but on broader parallels to address current challenges. 4:08

Lessons from history on the importance of thorough testing and long-term studies for interventions.
  • 147000 cases of children born with no arms and no legs caused by thalidomid. 4:49

  • Failure to recognize unusual patterns and lack of thorough appreciation of the situatio. 6:04

  • Thalidomide was rapidly approved but later banned due to birth defect. 7:17

  • Importance of medium and long-term studies for intervention. 8:47

Tragic consequences of Thalidomide scandal and lack of accountability in compensating victims.
  • Parents kept in the dark about their children being affected by Thalidomide. 9:30

  • Lack of transparency and accountability from medical professionals and government. 10:23

  • Inadequate compensation scheme for victims compared to benefits for the company. 12:29

  • Hope for better handling of similar situations in the future. 13:00