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Importance of Autopsy in Ensuring Scientific Certainty
  • Autopsy is crucial to understand unusual immune responses in diseases like COVID-19. 0:00

  • Immune system, not the virus, is the primary cause of death in severe cases of COVID-19. 1:32

  • Autopsy revealed strange immune pathology in past outbreaks like SARS COV, highlighting its importance. 3:01

  • Lack of autopsies hinders identifying unanticipated issues in disease management. 3:56

Importance of understanding aortic dissection in autopsy cases.
  • Aortic dissection involves damage to the aorta, leading to quick death. 4:30

  • Muscular artery structure includes endothelial lining, muscle layer, and elastic bands. 5:20

  • Damage to the artery lining can cause blood seepage and dissection. 5:43

  • Type 1 and type 2 aortic dissections can be fatal due to blood seepage into the heart. 5:59

  • Blood vessels called vasa vasorum supply blood to artery tissues. 6:36

  • Tear in the tunica media of the artery leads to aortic dissection. 7:07

Importance of autopsies in understanding post-vaccination complications and deaths.
  • Inflammation in blood vessels around the artery, not the lining, led to aortic dissection. 7:23

  • Autopsy revealed a case of aortic dissection post mRNA covid-19 vaccination. 8:05

  • Lack of autopsies hinders understanding of post-vaccination deaths and complications. 9:12

  • Emphasis on studying mechanisms and potential involvement of other blood vessels. 10:08

  • Case of a 90-year-old man who died post-vaccination highlights need for autopsy. 10:23

Importance of autopsies in understanding post-vaccination myocarditis and pericarditis
  • Inflammation of heart lining and blood vessels observed in autopsy finding. 10:50

  • Histological examination revealed CD8 macrophages causing damag. 12:41

  • Different inflammatory responses seen in individuals receiving COVID-19 mRNA vaccine. 13:19

  • Allergic response with eosinophilic infiltrates noted in a case after first vaccine dos. 13:37

  • Autoimmune paradigm suggested as trigger for immune system damag. 14:15

Importance of conducting autopsies for understanding pathology and autoimmune response in patients.
  • Autopsies are crucial to actively look for pathology in patients. 14:39

  • Scientists agree on the importance of conducting autopsies for clarity. 14:55

  • Understanding mechanisms behind aortic inflammation and heart abnormalities requires histology. 15:11

  • Advocating for patients involves asking hard scientific questions and ensuring regulator actions benefit patients. 15:56

  • Lack of answers leads to censorship and shutting down of questions. 16:20

  • Urgent need for independent review and assessment of autopsy reports for clarity. 16:33